Our Sacred Space

We are located in the National Reserve of Tuscania, on top of a tiny green hill with picturesque views all around, and a natural waterfall.

The festival path is lined by ancient oak trees and rich vegetation, so we can beat the heat with the help of the natural shade and admire the beauty of the local flora.

Just 2 minutes walk from the dance floors, a magnificent waterfall flows into a small, calm river, where we can freshen up during the days or go for a visit when we need some peaceful and silent time.

In the past editions, small groups of tribal music lovers have made this the perfect home for sound therapy sessions. And indeed, the whole space livens up into a magical forest of love.

All around the festival area, the enchanting forest gives us the opportunity for long, meditative walks, and the freshest air to take a breather.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara