7 Chakras Festival

Our Spot

We are located in the National Reservoir of Tuscania, on top of a tiny green hill with picturesque view and a natural waterfall. The festival path follows the route of the ancient oak trees and the rich vegetation, so we can benefit from natural shade and admire the beauty of the local flora.

At 2 minutes walking from the core of the activities, a magnificent waterfall flows into a small river, where we can freshen-up during the days or go for a visit when we need some peaceful and silent time.

In the past editions small groups of tribal music lovers, have already spotted this as the perfect place for music therapy sessions.. and everyone simply loved it!

All around us a wide forest area give us the opportunity for long walks and good air to breath.

Address: Agriturismo Poggio Colone, SP Vetrallese Km 15,400, 01017, Tuscania, (VT)

GPS Coordinates: 42.3910423,11.9029302

How to arrive

There are different routes available.
Tuscania is the closest town to the event, and the biggest city nearby is Viterbo.
From Viterbo to the location is only 30 minutes drive.

It is very easy to reach us, the roads are only two:
-coming from Viterbo, follow the road towards Tuscania.
-coming from Tuscania town centre: follow towards Vetralla.

The bus route is:
-VITERBO – Tuscania – Festival, or
-CIVITAVECCHIA – Tuscania – Festival.

All Bus will take you to Tuscania.
Once there, you will be able to get a shuttle to the festival.
Bus will pass every 40mins and the last bus ride is at 6PM.

The three possible train stations to get to the festival are:

-VITERBO: (30 mins away from location)
-VETRALLA: (20 mins)

VITERBO and CIVITAVECCHIA are the suggested train stations, as from there, it is easier to find a bus to Tuscania.

From ROME: FIUMICINO AIRPORT is only 60/80 mins away, 116 km.

Once out of Fiumicino Airport, follow directions for Civitavecchia.
From Civitavecchia continue towards Montalto di Castro.
Montalto di Castro – Tuscania.

Once you arrive in Tuscania, take SP Vetrallese, after 4km on the right hand-side, will be the location of 7 Chakras.


We are located in a splendid landscape, in the middle of ancient towns and beautiful coasts.
The ancient borough of Tuscania is at 2 minutes from us, and the first Thermae are 20 km away.

Within 30 minutes drive we can reach the sea, and from the first shore, we will start a journey through one of the most beautiful coastlines of Italy.

Here a few of the marvellous sites you can visit while on your journey to 7 Chakras.