We Are

We are

We are a Cultural Association, and above all a tight group of individuals sharing a great passion for travels, music gatherings and nature.

Thanks to those passions, we have come in contact with the many different cultures of the world, and opened our minds to art and innovation.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara


We celebrate ancient teachings, the magic of human connections, and the power of art and music. Indigenous cultures have outlived through centuries to remind us that union and a simple life, have always been the keys to our happiness.

7 Chakras brings together many cultures of the world: from India, where our roots belong, to Central and South America, where the serpentine energy of the planet is now stronger than ever.

Through art, music and daily practices, we’ll be able to enter a dimension that no thoughts can reach, and rediscover the power of our spirits in connection with each other.



A journey from the beach, through the valleys and finally reaching the beautiful hills of Tuscania. We started in 2011 as a small gathering, and in 2013 we had our official opening.

It was a dream come true, after 5 years organising events in Goa, and 3 years in Italy. Our crew was growing in number and cohesion, and so were the people following us.

After much time and hard work, we finally created our first 3-day festival, and gained the trust of our neighbours living in the surrounding villages, who shared our joy in hosting such an alternative event.

In 2016, we started our new adventure in Tuscania, called by the beauty of the landscape, and the openness of the locals.

And right here is where we are currently standing, feeling truly at One with the surroundings. Rolling hills and hectares of untouched land, rivers and waterfalls around us – a perfect location for us to inspire the world.

Every year, we intend to honour the gift we received, by using this space to spread the message of love and respect, and to ensure that our gathering is 100% ecological and sustainable.



Welcoming Rebirth with 7 Chakras Festival

“We’re deeply humbled to present our theme for next year’s festival – The Rebirth. And we warmly welcome you to set your best intentions together with us as a family.”

What comes to your mind when we talk about Rebirth? To many in our tribe at 7 Chakras, it represents a farewell to our old selves, and the welcoming of a new being; a departure from the old thought patterns and behaviours that bring unhappiness, and the introduction of new ways of living that nourish our wellbeing; a letting go of ideas and beliefs that were not based on love, and embracing new paradigms that push us to do our best to serve all life.

With this in mind, allow us to humbly introduce our theme for 7 Chakras Festival – The Rebirth.

Signified by the sacred serpent, this powerful symbol is deeply inspired by the the roots of the festival – Mama India, and the awakening of the Kundalini. The impact of the serpent’s image is further strengthened through the ancient traditions of our South and Central American sisters and brothers, where it represents fertility, wisdom, and life force.

Ever since we’ve started our own spiritual journeys, our own rebirths always seem to bring us closer to a more refined balance of all our 7 chakras. What this has meant to us is simply staying firmly grounded even at the moments when we feel we understand the Universe’s intentions and purpose. In other words, even if I can speak to God herself, I can also sometimes show my love by buying my buddy a beer or cooking breakfast for my camp.

The Rebirth is a reminder to all of us to once again, destroy our old notions of self importance, self doubt, and selfishness – and together, awaken into a more compassionate, more loving, more understanding state of consciousness. It is our transition from psychedelic festival goers to spiritual activists, warriors who will put our connection with the Universe to everyday action in order to make the world a little nicer.

As festival organisers, we have seen the transformational energy of the dance floor, our trance, and our togetherness. This is something we have to be responsible about, to examine how we can turn this force outwards into our everyday societies and help inspire a more holistic, sustainable, and conscious way of life. And that is why we feel so much for the theme next year, Rebirth, simply because the planet requires us to rethink our way of life, and to awaken to a life that respects, honours, and is one with Mother Nature.

As we prepare our hearts and souls for the coming edition of 7 Chakras Festival, we hope you would also set your intentions with us, so that we may go through our Rebirth together this coming year, and learn all we can from this process. Of course, many of you will also be going to other festivals, which we believe are also grounded on the same pillars of peace, love, unity, respect, and freedom. Bring this intention to all of them, share the love for life on every dance floor, and even during the darkest days in winter, let us remind one another that the tribe is always with you in spirit to warm your soul up.



Art and culture merge towards one unique goal, helping us overcome our limits and rediscover who we really are – forces of nature universally interconnected.

Creativity is the most powerful tool to help us reach that state of mind, and our aim is to support it in every form and expression.

We constantly work on new projects and we’re open to the ideas of everyone sharing our vision and willing to cooperate. Through unity, we can become much stronger.



Every calendar year (January–December), we open subscriptions to Believe Lab.

For the various ways to collaborate with us and discover the kind of help you can offer, check out the Ticket section for membership information.