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Healing Space

“We are all things. We are the cage, we are the key to the cage and the freedom that lies beyond it.”

Shamans from all over the world have journeyed deeply inside themselves to discover human’s most inner features and amazing abilities. So it is our capacity to heal ourselves from any mind or body condition, no matter how serious.

From ancient rituals to modern therapies, humankind has collected the knowledge of innumerable practices, able to help our soul awaken and allow our body to work at its best efficiency.

During a festival, we share constant energy with a lot of people, so it is very important to be in a good state of mind and well balanced. For this, a Healing Area, is an essential space that we can visit anytime we need some peace, or we want to learn knowing ourselves better.
This area will offer a daily scheduling of collective practices, and private therapeutic sessions at request.

The Healing Area is as well a familiar zone for: trance dances, sound-therapy circles, joyful group singing, and always open for free hugs!