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SURVEY RESULTS: “Creating the New Gathering Together”

A public survey, was published 2 months after the end of our 2018 edition, to ask all participants to leave their comments and suggestions.

7 Chakras thanks everyone who spent a minute of their time to leave their feedback.

Your opinions brought to the light some aspects that, in preparation and during the festival, had not been fully evaluated. Joined with the reports compiled by all the staff members, we have been able to clarify the direction of growth that the Festival is going to undertake.

A voice issued in unison, is that the energy and cohesive force within the festival are by far the most important things.. and we’ve been really glad to read from all of you, that on this aspect we managed to shine bright, and move together as a big united family.

And now let’s continue with the rest of the opinions, and with the improvements that are already on their way.


Let’s start with the negative sides of the last edition, highlighting the aspects in which we were less able, and therefore the first ones classified in the improvements list.

🚻TOILETS: they were often a weakness of the festival. The situation of our country regarding public services for outdoor events, does not allow (or limit) the use of Compost Toilets as a valid toilets, which instead would be the most environmentally friendly and clean choice. Even for chemical toilets, the regulations are very specific and restrictive, and the service is extremely expensive in relation to its quality.

For the previous edition, trying to mediate the disadvantages in this field, we made a mistake of assessment and the toilets have often failed efficiency.

We are now working, looking for different types of services and more suitable for an event like our, and with a constant cleaning service.

Our commitment should be followed by the users, who responsibly keeps the toilets clean, helping the next person to find it so.

🚰 WATER: in this location the water problem is due to the fact that we do not have a natural source, a well or a connection to the public aqueduct on the spot, and we must therefore supply ourselves through large tankers. Since Tuscania is only a small town, it is not easy to find several trucks that do this service, and this is why we happened to stay without running water for a few hours, waiting for the next filling.

In these days we are looking in the surroundings, for an extra tank that can remain permanently in location. We know that water is important, and it should never be lacking.

🚿SHOWERS: Closing the showers during the night hours was an anti-waste choice. It has frequently happened that the taps are left semi-open, and since only few participants visit the showers during the night, it is possible that the loss of water continues for up to 8-10 hours. If we all agree that water has a fundamental importance, it is as much important that the participants respect it, and take care not to waste it.


Another improvement that we can already confirm, is a new caravan space. In the next edition, we will have available the entire ground behind the showers. A field of about 2 hectares, all available for caravans and tents. Thanks to this, all vehicles can be parked on flat surface, and there’ll be camping space far from the music for those who need it.

3) BAR 🍺

Boycotted beer cans. Let’s admit that the experiment did not work … and so …we go back to only wonderful draft beer!

4) LINE UP 🔊🎵

All happy with the line up! We were really pleased to hear and read that the music of both stages was greatly appreciated.

A news for the next year is that the music will be on already from the first night, rocking at our Solar Stage. In addition to this, we will increase the number of international artists.

The line up will remain balanced between the Solar and the Heart stage, exposing different styles of music based on the hours and the schedule of the day.


Thanks for the many compliments on the organic decorations, a fixed goal and well achieved.

For the next edition, we will certainly continue on our commitment to use natural and recycled materials. Some artists have already been confirmed, others will be added in the next few months .. in two days we will launch the forms to join the festival as a decorator so.. stay updated if you wish to participate more actively!


During those 3 years in which 7 Chakras festival has taken place in Tuscania, the space dedicated to the market area has been changing year after year.

2018 was the first 5-day event, in which we have become full-fledged festivals, so we have expanded the entertainment space to leave ample space and free space.

The change was perhaps excessive, creating an insufficient flow of people for the shops.

For this reason, we have decided that for the next edition, the market stalls will go up the line with the bar and in front of the Heart Stage, thus leaving even more space to the camping area behind.


7 Chakras is a festival with vast and varied programming, we would like to make the participants’ knowledge of each of the beautiful activities that come to life at the event more and more comfortable.

To improve the information service to the public, regarding the activities present at the festival and their schedules, brochures will be created for each participant, with the complete planning and explanation of the activities. In addition, the presence of information boards will be improved and increased, especially in the Healing and Culture areas, where the densest and most varied of the programs are held.


Hardly the role of security is appreciated by the participants … it is almost always an organ a little outside the spirit of the party, but to make possible the existence of that place of freedom and magic that we all love that role is fundamental, in preventing situations that jeopardize this mission.

As team members, we can not be anywhere and at the same time, we can not show everyone what attitude can undermine the bubble of freedom that we managed to earn .. and that’s why sometimes the strong hand of security it’s necessary.

The same also applies to the control of glass, alcohol and gas cylinders at the entrance, as well as for monitoring the use of substances in the entertainment area.

If we really care about our freedom and that of others, it is essential to learn not to abuse it, and thus gain respect and not the opposition of the world around us.

To conclude, we must know that according to the regulations that apply to events, in Italy it is not possible to bring glass and, in addition, our festival takes place within a national park, where the fire risk is very high, and it is absolutely prohibited to carry gas cylinders or to light open fires.

The rigidity of the security will still be reduced, or better rebalanced, especially on entry with alcohol. It will be forbidden to bring a whole mini-bar (given the moderate admission price), but it will be possible to bring a large bottle per head as long as it is made of plastic.


We will organize a shuttle system with minibus from Tuscania to the location of the festival.


Our Culture area will be moved to guarantee a quieter space.

The improvements will include the construction of a completely new structure and even more varied and interesting programming.

(Eg even longer music courses in variegated)

11) PRICE 💰

The cost of membership will increase by about 20-30%, so as to support the growth and improvements needed.

Likewise, participants will have the opportunity to enroll at a very low cost through all the pre-registration phases (soon to be opened).

*If you are interested in participating and taking an active part in the creation, stay in touch for the opening of our Participation forms.

Let’s continue together to make this wonderful project grow!

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara

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