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Reiki Treatment

Born in Japan by Dr Usui, the concept of reiki is based on very ancient traditions, on the idea that body and mind are a single entity and the universe is nothing more than an extension of ourselves. In our body there are various chakras, or energy centers, which distribute our vital energy (Chi or Ki) to the organs and to the whole body. These points are the energetic connection between the various parts of our body, but also the connection to everything around us, to the Universe itself. During a Reiki session, through the imposition of hands, this energy is channeled and transmitted between the operator and the person, who, due to some disturbance, perceives imbalances in the energetic flow. During the session energetic blocks are removed and the energy flow is re-established by raising the vibration of the person, who can feel again reconnected with the Universe around us and complete, with a feeling of lightness and deep peace.

Manuela has noticed that these sessions are even more effective in combination with the use of the cards because the cards give an indication of the energy on which one must work Allowing her to do a more specific work on the energy bodies besides the general realignment of the chakras.


by Manuela Iddas – Danaki Holistic


Since young Manuela is interested in energies and spirituality and she became aware that her touch and presence made people comfortable and relaxed. She started to study massage and pranic healing very early but still she wasn’t fully satisfied and happy.. 

She moves to Australia in 2012 after a mental and physical breakdown, feeling that something would have helped her finding answers.  Manuela started a long inward journey of self discovery and had the opportunity to grow into a woman and a healer, inspired by the many met along the way. Those 6 years of travel led to the birth of Danaki Holistic, a fusion of techniques to balance body, mind and spirit through bodywork, energy healing, astrology and cards.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara