7 Chakras Festival 2022/News /7 CHAKRAS Festival RESCHEDULED: 30 AUGUST – 5 SEPTEMBER 2021



Dear Tribe

After waiting and reflecting further, we have come to a final decision.

We officially announce the postponement of the 7 Chakras festival to next year,  30 August – 5 September , 2021.

Thanks for being patient, giving us the opportunity to sift through all options and find rewarding solutions for each of you.

Looking for the positive side, we will treasure this forced break and the lessons that came with it, for they helped us renew our priorities. Already today, our energies are involved in a substantial evolution of the project towards greater eco-sustainability and services to you all.

We have structured a system with multiple options, to offer full flexibility in this particular phase. Among these, we announce the opening of a crowdfunding portal to support the festival in this difficult moment. The initiative is aimed at both new supporters and ticket holders for 2020. The latter will be able to convert their ticket into the package of corresponding value.

Here is a short index to make your reading smoother:

  1. RESCHEDULED, WHY? Scroll down to Point 1 to know more;
  2. CROWDFUNDING (Donation with Reward): Tuesday, June 30th, our Crowdfunding portal will open, fit for both new users and holders of a 2020 festival ticket. Each of the packages includes a reward in gifts and / or services of greater value than of the paid sum. It is the option that offers by far the strongest support to our organization, and for this the reward is in your favor. For the owners of a 2020 TICKET, the offer consists in CONVERTING YOUR TICKET INTO THE CORRESPONDING VALUE FOR ONE OF THE PACKAGES. Scroll down to Point 2 if you want to know how it will work and what will be the options.
  3. TICKET RESCHEDULED TO 2021 / REFUND: to meet all needs, holders of a ticket for the 2020 edition of the festival have also the choice to either keep their ticket for the 2021 edition or request a monetary refund. Scroll to Point 3 to know more.

We anticipate that we are considering organizing a symbolic event of 1 day and 1 night on the same dates and locations of the festival. If appropriate, the event will be limited in number and reserved to presale ticket holders. The owners of a 2021 ticket and/or buyers of a Crowdfunding package will be given priority of purchase!


Here is a summary of the main reasons that led to our choice, already anticipated in several previous communications.

The current post-COVID-19 safety rules represent an insurmountable limitation for an event such as the 7 Chakras festival.

To date, despite the recent easing of measures, the directives of the authorities are uncertain and unfavorable, leaving our organization without further waiting time.

We remind you of the main present limits, decisive in our choice:

-reduction in number of participants to a max. of 1000 people (including operators, artists and production team);

– interpersonal distance of 1 or 2 meters (in frequent variation) and mandatory / continuous use of facial masks;

-limitations on international admissions and illogical costs for air travel (uncomfortable for participants, artists, operators and foreign members of the operational team);

– heavy penalties for infringements (even minimal);

– unclear and constantly changing normatives.

We were ready to downsize our standards to be able to meet anyway, but we are not willing to corrupt the fundamental values ​​of our gathering, for a forced realization. We want the team’s commitment to remain alive for a noble and concrete project.

2. CROWDFUNDING (Donate and get Rewarded)

On Monday, June 29th, our first Crowdfunding portal “Believe in 7 Chakras” will open its doors.

To support the realization of future editions of the festival, we ask those who can to help the existence and evolution of our project.

Options will be available both for new supporters and for holders of a 2020 ticket, who’ll be able to exchange the value of their ticket with a corresponding or higher amount package (adding the difference). By entering your ticket code in the provided space, the cost will be reset.

Here is a preview of the packages:

  • 15€ – EASY BRO (basic pack): Music + Stickers + Bar coupons
  • 30€ – PIRATE CREW: ‘Easy Bro’ package + festival T-shirt
  • 50€ – COMFY MATE: ‘Pirate Crew’ package + festival Jumper + extended Phase 1 ticket (upto 2 weeks extra _ valid for 2021 or 2022)
  • 70€ / or / 1st Phase Tickets – WARRIOR 1: ‘Pirate Crew’ package + extra Bar Coupons + extended Phase 1 ticket + 10% Off All Ticket phases + free Believelab membership (2021 or 2022) + Area caravan /or/ reserved Camping Slot /or/ 2 ways Shuttle bus
  • 85€ / or / 2nd Phase Tickets – WARRIOR 2: same as ‘Warrior 1’ + extra bar coupons
  • 95€ / or / 3rd Phase Tickets – WARRIOR 3: same as ‘Warrior 1’ + 2 times extra bar coupons
  • 150€ – YOU LEGEND: 2 Full festival tickets + Area caravan /or/ reserved Camping Slot /or/ 2 ways Shuttle bus


For those without the opportunity to support us through the crowdfunding portal, we give as well the option to move their ticket directly to the next edition of the festival, on 30 August – 5 Settembre 2021.

For those who want instead to ask for a refund, we give the possibility to get back the total paid amount minus the annual membership fee and the transaction fees (about 15€ in total per ticket).

All refund requests can be submitted until July 14th, 2020.

*In case we do not receive any request by the established dates (crowdfunding opening-closing _ closing will be announced well in advance) your ticket will be automatically moved to 2021.

A warm virtual hug to all of our Tribe,

7 Chakras team

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara