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7 CHAKRAS FESTIVAL 2019 – Let your Spirit blossom

After “5 days of awakening souls”, it’s time to let the seeds we planted sprout and bloom into beautiful flowers of consciousness.

We will continue together the journey begun, deepening our experience into the subtle dimensions. How?

The Sacred Fire at our Healing Space will keep on burning, hosting new ceremonies, singing circles and magical moments of sharing.

Our Cultural Nest, Art and shows from the world, will expand into a great creative hub, where we can draw on knowledge and rediscover gifts that we had forgotten.

To mark the rhythm of our path, the Heart Stage and Solar Stage will fill the air with psychedelic vibrations and multi-ethnic sounds, allowing us to enjoy and free from the conditionings we no longer wish to be at our side.


“Let your Spirit blossom” invites us to take the reins of our existence, and awaken the light beings which we truly are.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara

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