“The purest creativity and self expression can help bring us closer to the divine”

 7 Chakras has always honoured the creations of painters, sculptors and artists from all over the world. We invite you to come manifest your vision, and to inspire the rest of the Tribe to live, love, and experience their Rebirth into Oneness.


Walk the path of art and feel immersed into another world


Painters and sculptors performing their magic in real time


Art from all over the world, to connect us through the beauty of life itself

While walking through the festival grounds, feel yourself surrounded by visionary art, take each step with intention, and breathe in the colourful installations, inspiring exhibitions, and indulge in the multi-sensory pleasures of live performances. Allow yourself to be wowed and let each piece open your soul up to greater connection to our universal energy and Oneness.

All installations are created with 100% sustainability. This means that our artists do use any cement, chemicals, or synthetic materials, causing strictly no damage to the soil and vegetation. This year, we’re taking this philosophy one step further and have chosen to build the main structures of the festival with only recycled wood.