“Only an open mind can make room for the Universe”

Our Cultural Nest will be home to a daily schedule of workshops, conferences, seminars, and is your safe space to share any idea you feel like developing together with the Tribe.


Electronic Music Production


Sacred Geometry construction


Tribal Instrument making & More


Natural Agriculture

Awareness on Water

Degrowth and Transition Movement

Healing Foods

Phytotherapy & More


Travelling Tips

Literature presentations

Social Ecology

EcoVillages & Community Living

Tribal knowledge


Knowledge is the key ingredient to any change, and it’s meant to be acquired and shared. For this, the Cultural Area plays a fundamental role in our annual gathering. Through creativity, music, healing, and celebration, we will create the perfect context for learning – a dimension free of our everyday thoughts, where we feel inspired by constructive ideas, and open ourselves up to make a positive difference in our everyday lives.

Sustainability and innovation will be the essence of the many topics discussed, and we will meet fascinating individuals who have created their own alternative reality, and want to share their knowledge with us!