Attività individuali

Ayurvedic massage and oloshiatzu massage

AYURVEDIC ABHYANGA MASSAGE: Complete treatment practiced with specific oils, helps circulate vital fluids and eliminate waste materials from body and mind. It benefits muscles and joints, tissues and internal organs, improves blood circulation, speeds up the metabolism, calms and relaxes the mind. MARMA AYURVEDIC MASSAGE: From Indian tradition, relaxing and at the same time invigorating, to the treatment with oils are combined finger pressure in certain points of the body, in correspondence of the...


Armonis - Chakra  Sound Project created by Carlos La Bandera (mexican musician & music therapist) with the goal of returning back to the original harmony of the self through the dynamics of musictherapy, singing, sound bath and meditation techniques. Each appointment of this cycle of 7 episodes, is aimed to harmonize all the frequencies that are connected to each chakra. The frequencies that will be used come from Aztec and Maya flutes, Tibetan bowls, percussions,...

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