Ypnotika (It)

Record: Sonica Rec

Paolo Ypnotika is an italian Psytrance dj from Rome he became interested in electronic music in the early nineties and started to play Techno in 1993. After being fascinated by the Psychedelic scene after participating at several festivals also started to play PsyTrance during the years he have collaborated with several Italian Psytrance crews including Sonica Dance Festival,7 Chakras Festival,WAO Festival. Actully his set is a powerful mix of psychedelic tracks, effects, synth loops manipulated in real time. In 2012 he landed at the Free Sprit Foundation, tribe with which he has established an immediate powerful feeling. He is currently resident dj/party organizer at Shanti!!(Rm,Italia) and UVbar(Goa,India).
He is founder and manager of the event Goa Way, and in 2018 he became label dj of Sonica Recordings.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara

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