The group offers a trip to the Latin American continent … two Venezuelans, a Peruvian, an Italian and a Cuban, are the members of this formation group.
The repertoire ranges from the cumbia to the son, from the vaz to the joropo, from the Cuban folk music (buena vista social club) to the Mexican, coming down three Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, up to Argentina …
It is a journey without frontiers, that is, each of the components interprets the various genres respecting their own cultural baggage, plus it wants to be an invitation to break down cultural frontiers because music fortunately unites.
Another face of Latin America, rediscovering songs that have gone around the world and testify to the high approval of the public for South American music and Latin rhythms. The numerous international successes of Latin American music represent only a small part of the heterogeneous heritage of the continent, formed by live music and celebratory music, without forgetting popular and traditional music.
The group starts from a formation of 4 elements, which are Guitarron (the bass of the mariachis) and vocals,
Requinto, cuatro and vocals, trombone and vocals, and percussion … but if need be, Quena and vocals, and minor percussions, tambora and vocals …
The components of the basic training are:

Alberto Rivas cuatro, requinto, guitar and vocals.
Pedro Ramirez guitarron and vocals
Gabriele Gagliarini percussion
Valter Paiola Trombone and vocals

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara

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