Sbio (It)

Record: Psylosophia Lab

Born in Naples (Italy) in the 1989, graduated in philosophy university, founder, dj and producer of “ Psylosophia” as “Sbio”. All along passionate of music, he starts to study drums and traditional African percussions when he is sixteen, exploring different sounds from reggae to funk and jazz, up to electronic music. In 2013 he participates at his first Psytrance Festival, opening his mind up to new musical horizons, excited from the possibility of a spiritual research through the vanguard of the digital art and multi-ethnic sounds. In 2014 he founds with Carlo Petrosino (deco artist), “Psylosophia” Music & Deco Lab., through which he is organizing explosive gatherings in South Italy. In the summer 2017 Sbio plays for the first time at Sonica Dance Festival. He is currently working on his own tracks that join the blast in his Twilight-Underground Full-on Dj Sets.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara

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