Psytotix vs Obit (Sp)

Record: Dropland / Flyng Spores

Jordi Lucas Gil (Sabadell, 1983) a.k.a Psytotix (Dropland Records, MMP). At the early age of 15 he gets into the role of being promoter of electronic events, after some years at 2005 he decides to introduce inside the dj world, and since then he shared and worked with almost all the crews and djs of the spanish psytrance scene Psytotix has played DJ sets on the most important catalan clubs such as: Input Club, La Cova Forest Club, Mephisto, Blau Club, Le Rachdinge, Saint Trope, Lokotron, La Nau, Ciclick, Torres de Avila, Club Zoreks, and others. He also act in some festivals like:Tree of Life 13 (Turkia) DOOF Festival 12 (Israel), Reinasance 09 (Italia), UMP 08 (Spain), Hazard, Happy Festival and he play in a lot of Raves and free parties around all the Barcelona Area. Psytotix DJ sets are very energic and influenced by israeli trance, specially by Dooflex Records, He has also played in diferent countries like Israel, France, Portugal and Italy. He played with Infected Mushroom, Yaniv Ben Ari (U-Recken), Gil Dagan (Nitro), Smashed, Ex-Gen, E-jekt, Alternative Control, Alien Project, G.M.S, Klopfgeister, Sufi, Digicult, Highko, C.P.U , and many more. In mid 2010 starts a new stage as the official DJ’s in Spain of DOOFLEX Records from Israel. Since September 2010 he is part as a dj of the Barcelona-Ibiza Label and event organizer Dropland Recordings.

DJ. Obit born in Barcelona in 1986 he started to get interested in electronic music in 2001, attending a lot of clubs on the Techno scene. In 2003, he went to his first Open Air where he discovered Trance music and, fascinated by his sounds, he began to frequently attend the Muskaria collective parties.
He started DJing in 2004 experimenting the different sub styles of Trance and it is in 2005 when motivated to share his sessions with the public he decided to found together with his friend D.j. Orix the collective Cosmic Wizards organizing several parties and collaborating with different groups of the Catalan trance scene …. During 2007 he will be invited to play several Muskaria collective parties and it is at the end of it when D.j. Hands gives you the opportunity to be part of Muskaria.
From then on, he will play in a multitude of venues such as; Le rachdingue (Girona), Lokotron (Barcelona), Nou simbol (Barcelona), Zoreks (Lerida), Florida 135 (Huesca), St trope (Tarragona), Blue iguana (Lerida) … and in outdoor parties such as; Underground Meeting Point (Barcelona), Darkness and Light party (Girona), Maripo 2008 (Zaragoza), Electrocutaos 2008,2009,2010,2011 (Barcelona), The Beach (Barcelona), Happy Festival (Valencia) … At this time will share cabin with international artists like; GMS, Perplex, Eskimo, U-Recken, Shanti Matkin, Altom, Pan Papason, Bushman, Earthling, Highlight Tribe, Zorba, Straspine, Torry, Amit, Fader & Son, Michele Adamson, Soundaholix … and with most of the dj’s of the Catalan scene, besides being the Dj resident of the Begood room in Barcelona. ….
In his sessions he can sound from the most atmospheric progressive for the first hours to the Psytrance or the most powerful Full-On night for more late at night always filling his sessions with psychedelic sounds and full of energy. ….

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara

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