Psynonima (Sp)

Record: Ovni Rec / Atman Tribe

Psynonima’s project, created in 2007 in Barcelona (Spain), had a long transition of psytrance music, started playing and mixing progressive and fullon in 2008, organizing many festivals and parties around Catalunia with a famous old crew called Muskaria , played in all the best clubs on that moment like Raichdingue, el Blau, Zorech, Begood, Input …and sharing line ups with many international artists like Alien Project, Gms, Urecken, Talamasca… After few years around 2010 psynonima’s met World People crew, a french collective who change her line of psytrance more underground, and her dj sets made evolution and started to be more darks and with high bpm, played in some festivals in France, and giving full support to this label where actually is active member (WorldPeople). Psynonima started to travel in India 2012, and found many parties where to play around goa with WorldPeople Crew, and this parties opened many conexions to play in festivals around the world, like in Sweden, Italy, Uk, Sri Lanka. 2015 Psynonima was playing in Atman Festival, where definitely push her to another level of psytrance called hitech, with digital and fast sound that bring you to another dimension, after collaborate few years with the organisation, Psynonima is actually member of the tribe and giving full support to the project in Sri lanka playing in all the editions of Atman Festival. 2017 Djane Psynonima started to be part of diferents Labels like Nutria Dance, a proper Hiteck Lavel where spread the hitech vibes around the world, BassGround is a Catalan Label based in Barcelona; they make crazy parties in the most international clubs in the city like Apollo, Upload..and mixing this parties with Big names of the Psytrance scene. Last one Trebol Talents is a record label from Mexico, an international conexion for croos the continent. After few months on 2018 Psynonima mets O.V.N.I. RECORDS, and the crew introduce her into the label , to play for them in all the ovni Parties around the world, making a big family between all the crews, and spreading all the hitech vibes. She has performed several festivals and gatherings internationally exhibiting her masterful skills at dynamic mixing and unique stage presence. like Universo Paralello (Brasil ), Atman festival (Srilanka), Master of Puppets ( Czech Republic), Psy-fi (Netherlands), FreedomBlast (India), Djurniverse (Sweden) ,Taurus Conexion (Italy), Own Spirit ( Spain) Sharing all the proper Shakty Powa, Psynonima is currently playing & traveling the globe, performing her latest and greatest of the hi-bpm psy ranging from hi-tek to full-power upper chakra stimulation trance dance hits.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara

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