Piero (It)

Record: Nataraja

It was 1988 when at Morara in Bologna – I had my first experience as a dj. In that period I was dealing with a style leaving from new wave and EBM with a magic post punk/industrial touch.It was really a lethal and dissociative concoction based both on classic and not. A sort of musical pre-maniacal research. We were used to play mainly with vinyls and it were dj set followed by a concert.It was the beginning of psychosis era and the conditions in which we were playing were borderline, a sort of mission impossible. After some evening dj set, I started my brand new project called InKubox.Then with the beginning of nineties, a great party and a trip to India (… bolenath) I switched my trip to a full psychedelic undergrowth even remaining true to my roots.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara

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