Mikel (It)

Record: Parvati Rec

Dj Mikel can turn his uniform audience into a single continous flow where everybody converge from the material lost during his mesmerising dj-sets.
It all began in 2000, when he started playing music at techno-trance parties. Here he discovered his passion for mystical Indian atmosphere and for psychedelic world.
After 4 years spent in psytrance music ambient he found his musical way, discovering and sharing with his public his abstract and ethereal vision translated into sound.
From that moment he decided not only to play music, but even to create events and new artistic ideas.
In that year, he also known Arjuna and Govinda. Together they decided to start the same way on the built of Belive tribe: a cultural association that uses music as an instrument of communication, not only related to fun.
In 2005 he took part of the Sun Explosion Festival(), in 2008 and 2009 played at Shiva Moon and in 2011 2012 at Tangra festival()in 2013 at Blackmoon festival(IT).
Meanwhile In the last years Believe tribe organized some events sponsored from their hometown, the first ones which use cultural-artistic performance in a musical contest different from the common one. They also created a two days party called 7Chakras which grow year after year. The last adventure they lived was in September 2013 when, with a collaboration within Goaproject, another tribe of central Italy, gave life at the biggest Italian psytrance festival: Blackmoon, 5 days of international arts, musics and shows.
Mikel has a very particular sound, transcendental and hypnotic. A deep music research that end in hours of pure musical delirium, showing a unique personal choice in order to create a place out of time and space. A perfect duo between mind and body. Don’t wait for him to come, follow him on the next show!

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara

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