Masterkaos (Ch)

Ferdinando was born in October 1973 and he started to approach the world of music first with two recorded tapes and only later in 1989 with a proper record player, having already his pseudonym Dj Masterkaos and playing around Ticino.
During the years play of the first 360°music , pop, rock, metal’s parties and other events sounds.

In 1994 Dj Masterkaos played at the first Rave Party in Ticino, called “Pyro Space part.1″.
By this time, Zurich already had new music styles, as Trance, Tech House, Hardtrance, Happycore, still unknown in Ticino.
From 1995 he started to play in several clubs and after-hours party in Ticino and in Italy.

After a short break for study, he came back with a project called “Illogical Frequencies” (Dj Masterkaos and Dj Maxwell Oxonn), approaching for a while the minimal and elektro sounds, playing in several places.

In 2006 Dj Masterkaos approached for the first time psychedelic trance sound, playing in few evening’s party around Ticino and in Bologna, Italy, at the Street Parade on a truck. This event give him the right feeling to discover and play psychedelic music.

In summer 2007 was born the project called “GOANICA” .Thanks to this project, Dj Masterkaos start to play in several important GOA party around Ticino (Mesocco Magic Castle Castle, Mystical Birthday, Goanica at Work, Psychedelic Vision…)

In 2010 he played at Summer Never End and many others party.
In 2011 the most important party in Ticino Digital Waves 3 edition and most other party.
The 2012 it’s good beginning with most presence in a club that is important in Ticino, the Living Room ,than other party in Angel’s Club and 7Chakras in Italy,… than in march he play at the 3th of event 604 Spirit at Bienne.

In 2017 think to Create a new concept of events and than in 2018 with J-ack and Mindwheel it is born Utopia Gathering Concept festival…organization of No profit events for charity ….

Serenity, Joy, Love and much music to everybody

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara

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