He began to count on the experience acquired from his old project called “Sounds Alupran”,About 10 years ago.
Where to share knowledge in the field of trance, meditation and hypnotic sound.
It is in this way that fuses the ethnic roots, stories like:
Tibetan bowls, Cuarzos, Native American flutes, bansuri (India),
Trutruka pifilca trompe (Mapuche), more sound synthesizers and soundscapes of southern Chile.
In 2018 he joined Samsara Records Chile, where he released his album called Alba.
Being well received by the listeners and the music press. This is part of a mixture.
Pertaining to the French web page Efflorescence Culturelle, with its song “Ancestral Spirit”.
He is also part of the crew MonteMapu Festival in the downtown area of Chile, a Festival of psytrance and electronic music, rescuing the ancestrality of chile.
In 2019 he joins Comarca Records Valdivia, where he releases his music Ep Downtempo & Healing,
Ahimsa that has caught the attention of strict listeners. While still working to release his next album Espacio Tierra of Dance Music.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara

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