Alex, in art KynEthik, was born in 1986 and brought up in Roman suburbs. He discovered psychedelic culture in 2008 attending the italian psytrance parties for years and got involved as a DJ in this scene sharing his passion for hypnotic sounds and exploding loops. He captured the interest of Free Spirit Foundation team and started great collaborations with them and with all the italian organizations. He got signed as 24/7 label DJ in 2015 and in 2017 he released a first compilation named “Transient Shapes” which was officially unleashed in Toyohashi, Japan, during the first date of a world-tour. Passion for PsyTrance scene never left Alex, becoming stronger day by day as he went more inside both production and promotion for many festivals around the globe. What’s more? His powerful selections and the care applied in every mix is continuously evolving as he never stops listening, studying, building skills and making a treasure of each single adventure he has had: WAO Festival (IT), Shankra Festival (CH), SimSalaBOOM (DE), Sunshine Festival (JP), 7 Chakras Festival (IT), The Experience Festival (T), ATLAS Gathering (IT), Own Spirit Festival (ES) just to mention a few.
– I think DJing is not just a work of mixing, DJing is definitively an ART in which where behind the decks we have the responsibility over hundreds, thousands people whom are completely leaving the idea of what they THINK is their life being, to welcome, through dance, who they REALLY are. You need to drive them through this experience telling your story and spreading your love. That’s why i cannot consider a mere mixed-up-selection the “art of DJing”. That’s why i promise i’ll give up doing this if one day i’ll miss just a little crumb of love for this-

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara