Behind name Kudjo / Sol Jah Sound is Marko, born 1979. in Croatia (Ex Yu). Marko is youthworker, civile activist and bioagriculturist. He discovered psychedelic sound in 1999. After he visited few festivals and parties, he started with DJ-ing.
The sound he is playing is based on psy chill, psy dub and step&glitch&bass music. Under the name of Sol Jah Sound he plays roots, dub, gypsy dub and dub techno. Kudjo is organiser of many parties in Croatia and he played on many festivals such as UWOG, Life Celebration, Ekonostrum Naturale, Future Nature, Kula, Grr Fest, Goulash Disko, Modem, Lost Theory, etc. Currently he lives and creates on beautiful island Hvar, Croatia.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara

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