Gabriele Guggia is the head behind The project of GABB.
In the summer of 2011 he had the first contact with psytrance going to some festivals around Europe and starting to attend parties in Italy: since then was true love to this genre rich of sounds and faster than normal EDM.
In 2016 he starts playing and organizing parties with INDACO TRIBE, being more in contact with the dancefloor and having the opportunity to test his first tracks.
After a year starts his deep journey in the studio improving the quality of his own sound and in 2018 releases some tracks in World People Prod., Dream Project Rec., Psylosophia Lab., and Pixan Rec. with the debut EP “Liquid Fever”.
His sound is still evolving through the time: merging a wide range of mechanical twisted leads and textured soundscapes he brings a solid groovy trip into the vibrational language of music.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara