Formantz is the collaboration of our two impressive psy-trance artists Endeavour and Nukleall. The idea to combine together in one explosive project came out after collaborating in some tracks that rocked the dancefloor during those past years. Nukleall is a talented Italian Artist, Label manager of Blacklite Records. He is known of pumping up the stomping on the dance floor and filling the atmosphere with pulsating tracks at all times. Endeavour is the psychedelic trance project by Iván Gonzalez, producer, computer geek and sound designer. He is experienced in audio manipulation and likes to lead the crowd towards an utterly psychedelic experience Working on their first show in September the two artists want to invite you to loose yourself in this very unique psychedelic trance experience combining Nukleall’s robotic touch with Endeavour’s acidic glow but keeping the vibe funky. Prepare yourself to an extraordinary performance and get lost into it !

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara

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