Flow (It)

Records: Merkaba Crew

In the ancient communities, whenever a person got sick, the first question of the shaman was: “When did you give up dancing?” I consider dance as one of the biggest form of moving meditation. It allows us to connect to our true selves, to other people and to the entire universe, giving our body the chance to be the one expressing thoughts and words. I think that psychedelic music is the perfect soundtrack to open up our perception doors. I have been there since I was 20 years old, in front of the console, traveling to festivals and parties all over Europe, dancing with the hula hoop, painting pictures and bodies, falling in love with shapes, colours, sounds and smiles. Being on the other side now, is for me a privilege and a big honour.
Flow started to mix in the 2012. She prefers underground sounds, but she play also dark progressive. Its sets are high energy, positive, groovy and deeply psychedelic.
She is a Member of Merkaba Crew since April 2014. She organizes the event Taurus Connection since May 2012, 3 days party open air near Turin.
She already played in International festivals like Moon Mountain Festival in Thailand, Curlie’s Xmas in GOA, Revision Festival in Greece, Psycowave Festival, 7chakras festival or Blackmoon Festival.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara

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