Guillaume is an audiophile at heart, he dedicated his life to music, sound, travels really early as a natural way of being. He practiced playing drums for many years, performed with various bands and went through many musical genres until he discovers the first electronic sounds in the 90s, which offerd him such new and exciting horizons that turning back becomes impossible !

In 1993 he decided to take on turntables and start mixing at events in Southeast France.

He participated in the development of the parties of the collective “Body and Mind” he joined, hosts a radio show “Astral Communication”, shares the stage with artists as prestigious as precursors of electronic music.

From there, his passion for music continues to guide him on a journey filled with exchanges and encounters across the globe and its dance floors. ( Brazil, Croatia, France, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Portugal, Russia, Swiss, Spain, Turkey, … )

He joined the Swiss label PEAK RECORDS in 2007, and collaborated with famous duo YabYum and Ajja.

In 2016, continuing with his search for new experiences, he can be found alongside the artists of the Digitals Shamans Records. (www.digitalshamansrecords.com)

Composition, creativity, search for new sounds and his passion for the technology are the source of the delights he creates through his music: psychedelic, energetic and groovy.

« I like it groovy, funky with acids and liquids sounds mixed with some atmospherics melodies »

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara