Dark Whisper

Dark Whisper,
founded Alice-D Productions in 2004 at around the same moment in time he began exploring psychedelic trance music by dj-ing, later further expanding into music studio production.
Through these years the urge and passion to sculpt a unique and individual soundscape was felt
Dark Whisper has become a personal foundation while over the years matured and has not only learned but also help to teach technical values by using a blend of exotic instruments with stories. Many of the instruments are collected over the years through his travels, they hold a personal message in the use of each track as part of the art in the story.
As to describe the Dark Whisper’s soundscape, the use of both analogue and digital instruments are used with a psychedelic influence fusing with ethnic cultures and frequencies to activate inner states of memory consciousness allowing the listener to explore the cymatic body, mind and spirit tuning, while conveying a message to the humanity on the whole.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara