Dj alby man was born the 20th of July of 1984 in a village in the province of Milan.

At the tender age of 12 began to cultivate his passion for music fascinated by a Dj working in a bar of his village.

At 14 years old, attracted by electronic music, he began to go dancing in nightclubs with friends.

At 18 years old he fell in love with psy-trance music, that he listened for the first time during the Street Parade of Bologna in Italy.

Alby man project started to attend to lots of parties in the northern area of Italy.

After years spent listening to this music he decided to start playing. He bought Cds and a mixer and he began to organize small parties.

In 2009 Alby with Alex and Luki funded the “Psytronic Crew Project” after a summer beach party in Ferrara. “Psytronic Crew” in collaboration with “Moonlight Project” and “Ayahuasca Crew” began to organize many parties in Milan, Bergamo and Brescia areas.

Over the years Alby improved his mixer techniques and began to be invited to perform in important Italian parties organized by “Looney Moon Records” and by “Creative Jungle Merkaba Crew”.

Alby loves to make people dance in a full on undergrounds style, and also he’s able to play morning full-on and progressive styles.

In the meantime Alby man works on his full on tracks and goes on with the organization of many parties.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara