Art Village

We love creativity and self-expression!

7 Chakras welcomes painters, sculptors and artists from all over the world, to come manifest their vision, and be of inspiration for all the participants who will see their work.


a path of art that surprises our creativity


painters and sculptors will keep the curiosity lighted


art from all over the world, to connect us through beauty

While walking the festival path, each visitor should feel surrounded by art, and each step of the journey will be coloured of artistic installations, expositions and platforms for live-performances.

Art is wonder for the eyes and is a great tool to open ourselves to intuition and channel universal energy.

All installations will be made in complete sustainability, without any use of cement, chemical materials, or causing damage to the soil and vegetation, and this year we have embraced the project to create the main structures of the festival only through the use of waste wood.