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Celebrating self love – The first step to Oneness

The idea of the Babylonian-style Valentine’s Day must feel like an outdated capitalist tradition to many of us in the tribe. Overpriced roses, unnecessarily lavish dinners, and the tremendous pressure of trying to do something extra special for someone we love. 

Of course, if you’ve been needing this special treat, we hope you’ve had a chance to indulge in yourself. But let us also remind ourselves that everyday is a special day when we truly love, and material presents do not replace the purest expression of just being present for the ones closest to us. 

For those of us who spent the day without a special partner, we are all here with you. We are your Tribe, we are thousands strong, and we love you. 

We’ve always believed that there is someone out there to complete us, someone who’s our ”twin flame” whom we are destined to meet, or someone who’s been our lover across lifetimes and they will appear again in this incarnation. While that might be true, let us also not wait for the day while feeling lonely sitting around waiting for our one true love to come. 

Every relationship is something to be cherished, everyone is our guru, and every human being we come across is chance to practice unconditional love. 

Let us remember that when we love ourselves fully, then we open our own universe up for infinite love. Let us be kind to ourselves and break up with our past traumas, let us embrace ourselves and no longer feel guilty for behavioral patterns before today, and let us give the greatest gift to ourselves: the present. 

Everyday, let us love ourselves by being in the Now. The Now doesn’t judge you for your past, the Now doesn’t worry about the future. The Now reminds us to do everything like we do yoga, taking in each breath with gratitude, and performing each act with intention and loving awareness. 

Compared to the infinite timeline of the Universe, our lives happen all in an instant. There is no time to sit and worry, no time to judge, because everything just is. Allowing ourselves to be in the Now is to experience what the Universe experience – awakened, clear, accepting. 

Dearest lovers, let us use everyday to practice self love and be in the present. Because only then can we truly love others. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyday.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara