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Allowing ourselves to flow into oneness this winter solstice

Many of us have been feeling the slow energy of the winter as the nights drew longer and the days became shorter. For some of us coming back from the festival season, we found ourselves having to go back to our routines, some back to work in the cities, and many times, we felt like life just didn’t have the same vitality as the summer of love in 2019.

Look up, brothers and sisters, because things are about to change. At the stroke of midnight, we welcome the new season’s sunshine into our lives, and we’ll find ourselves with new bursts of energy to embark on new adventures, new projects, and new exciting plans to prepare for the next year.

Our team at 7 Chakras Festival has also been using this period as a quiet season of reflection, planning, and spending more time with our loved ones. We learnt many lessons along the way, from the organising committee, artistes, and all your suggestions for improvements. We are deeply grateful to know that everyone in this beautiful tribe is so supportive, and so keen to help us all make our 2020 edition an even more unforgettable one.

Many of you are currently in the Americas continent, engaging your bodies, minds, and souls in sacred healing ceremonies, and volunteering in sustainable projects. The others are spending this period back home with their friends and families, reflecting on life, and getting themselves ready to live even more fruitful days. We are proud to know that wherever our tribe is on the planet, you represent our love and light, and are spreading your compassion out to the societies you live in.

As we sit today, reading this article, let us together set our intentions for the upcoming season of light. 2020 marks the beginning of a new decade, and the planets are telling us that this is the time for great change, perhaps even a global awakening. Let us rid ourselves of our old patterns of individuality and insecurity, and awaken in us the mindset of kindness and oneness. Drink loads of tea, cook loads of good food, light many candles, gather your tribe around the fire, and celebrate one another’s greatness.

For those in our tribe that are back home, feeling alone and unable to fit in to the society’s state of mind and vibrations, allow us to gently remind you that you are in our hearts. We, the misfits, the pirates, the weirdos, the lovers, the artists – we are Tribe. We may not be physically holding hands right now, but trust that we are all united by an invisible cord of love that will very soon draw us back together in Oneness again. Give yourself time to meditate, look back on the days where we shared our love on the dance floors, and truly understand that the magic will happen once again very soon. After all, ticket sales for most festivals are already open, time to visualise your 2020 road trip!

Our dearest family, let us rejoice. Because the days are finally becoming brighter, so let it ignite the fire of passion in your hearts, and let this fire keep us all warm this winter.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara