Therapeutic Flying

Therapeutic Flying comes from the Acroyoga Lunar Practice invented by Jason&Jenny. The beginners are going to practice in a group of three people: Flyer, Base and Spotter. They will get in positions (asana) with special points of contact of our bodies. As we get in this position the Flyer is able to release all his body weight, while the Base will stretch the articulations and muscles of the Flyer, also with some massage. The Spotter watches how them are getting in the position, ready to help safely.

We will teach therapeutic flying practice, the forward flying level 1, 2 and 3. Eventually also the positions “high flying whale” and “Hammock”. Already in the warm up we will give some instructions about the work of the Spotter. We will teach just the lunar practice, referring to therapeutic and yogic aspects, not the solar and acrobatic one. The workshop can take place twice a day, one in the morning and the second in the late afternoon. Approximately every lesson will be about 75-90 minutes long. I prefere an “open class”, with no separation between begginers and experts.

by Brenno Martinelli and Michela Bidetti

Brenno Martinelli was born in 1988 in Locarno. He moves in Vienna in 2009 to learn Musical: dance, sing and act. Brenno loves to dance and the theater, dance brings Brenno to the yoga practice, the psytrance music and oriental spirituality. At the Ozora 2012 he discovers the acroyoga practice and since that moment on, he keeps practicing on that. He is now a professional dancer and that helps him to reach a high level also in acroyoga. While that, he trains FlowToys, the poi and double staff becoming a firedancer. In 2016 he lefts the theater to be a teacher, he moves in south of Italy on 2017 and he join a small yoga community called “Il Giardino di Shiva”, where he teach juggling, acrobatic, yoga and acroyoga. Brenno speaks italian, german and english.

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Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara