The Dance of the Four Winds

The Power of Universe that comes from four directions to blow life in to us.
The vital energy that comes from the nature, The Spirit that awakens the inner light, love that kindles the inner fire and the fate dancing with which we create reality. We are complete, we have all we need to heal ourselves, and to be delighted with joy of life, here and now. I Invite you for a guided and active meditation with live music and voice healing.
We will lay down, close our eyes and go on the sound journey with the four winds that blow life into us. There will be life music and intuitive singing. If you feel like it, you might joins us with singing to feel the strengths of the winds in your whole body. Mediation will take approximately 90 minutes.

di Giorgia Lattuca

Musician passionate about all means of self-expression and discovering ways to find your inner peace. Her path started with psychology, went thought Biodanza, shamanism and spiritual growth to music. She believes it can bring all the healing that we need, here and now. All we have to do is to slow down, listen and open ourselves to what comes.


Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara