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Kundalini Yoga for inner and outer peace

In this Kundalini Yoga workshop, we use light exercises, meditations and mantras to build your endurance, find inner peace and thus create harmonious and happy relationships.
You are having a good time partying and dancing but the small and big stress factors of your daily life keep getting on your nerves? Not always things work out as planned and that is easily causing a bad mood, which influences our interactions with others. But if you manage to train your mental balance and push through stress and blocks, then you find calmness, which you can transfer to others. Not only will the smile on your face come back, but also the joined laughter with others. Kundalini Yoga is a perfect tool to work on your inner energies and balance them out. Expect to move your body, connect to your breath, meditate and chant together and enjoy a nice relaxation in the end.
The workshop lasts two hours. We will practice yoga and meditations together on our mats.

by Paula Salomo, Rocco Cavuoti e Jonas Ihorst

Since 2016 Kirtan Vedya Kaur (Paula) is a teacher for Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. In 2017 she spent some months in Yoga communities in France and Portugal to deepen her practice. After she was teaching in a Surf Yoga Hostel in Morocco in 2018 she returned to Berlin, where she now has regular classes. Apart from teaching and practicing yoga, Kirtan Vedya enjoys to surf and skate and is interested in natural healing methods.
Sadhana Dev (Rocco) started yoga in 2015 after a trip in Spain, where he first met this ancient tradition. In 2017 he took the certificate as Kundalini Yoga instructor and went to live for almost a year in a big ashram in France, where he learnt more about the yoga practice. At the moment he’s keeping with the studies and deepening the practice with love and humility. Also he started a path in Sat Nam Rasayan, an ancient healing technique related to Kundalini Yoga. A part of this, he’s vegan since many years and was working as vegan cook. He’s interested in ecological living and now lives in a small yoga community close to Perugia, with the intention of the creation of an ashram.


Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara