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Ayurvedic massage and oloshiatzu massage

AYURVEDIC ABHYANGA MASSAGE: Complete treatment practiced with specific oils, helps circulate vital fluids and eliminate waste materials from body and mind. It benefits muscles and joints, tissues and internal organs, improves blood circulation, speeds up the metabolism, calms and relaxes the mind.

MARMA AYURVEDIC MASSAGE: From Indian tradition, relaxing and at the same time invigorating, to the treatment with oils are combined finger pressure in certain points of the body, in correspondence of the various organs.

OLO SHIATSU: Oriental technique aimed at restoring a state of balance in the body, generating physical and mental well-being. It combines the principles of Chinese medicine with techniques of osteopathy and cranio-sacral. It works through delicate manipulations and compressions along the meridians, energy channels of the body that preside over specific physical, emotional and mental functions

by Laura Boschini

Laura lives and works in marotta, in Marche area. She began her studies in 2014 when, during a trip to India, she became passionate about yoga and oriental culture, with the holistic vision of the person and health. She studied ayurveda and herbology in 2015 at the Tapyasa hospital in Kannur, Kerala, and obtained the first and second level of oloshiatsu in pesaro in 2016 and 2017. She collaborates with various wellness facilities and yoga centers, continuing to study and travel for increase her knowledge.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara