Armonis – Chakra  Sound Project created by Carlos La Bandera (mexican musician & music therapist) with the goal of returning back to the original harmony of the self through the dynamics of musictherapy, singing, sound bath and meditation techniques. Each appointment of this cycle of 7 episodes, is aimed to harmonize all the frequencies that are connected to each chakra. The frequencies that will be used come from Aztec and Maya flutes, Tibetan bowls, percussions, Jarana (antique baroque guitar), gong, Indian sitar and voice. The aim of the project is to allow participants to achieve true alignment with their original frequencies, to rediscovered their own harmony. The 7-episode cycle allows you to dissolve deep energy blocks through a rhythmic, sweet and deep work. You can participate to to every appointment without having to make the full path. 


by Carlos La Bandera


Carlos La Bandera mexican musician and musictherapist has as aim to bring together the different musical traditions with musictherapy and technology for bring deep well-being to people. He began to study piano at 6 and guitar at 13, but it was the Indian sitar that touched his soul deeply! The resonances of that instrument stimulate him to research and try to understand the way frequencies work. That’s how he discovered the true power of sound and music! So he decided to study musictherapy in 2008, after his studies at the Conservatory in Ferrara. In 2016 he created his project Armonis, borned from the desire to donate Harmony and well-being to everyone. He currently works with several holistic operators in Italy and Mexico and holds seminars and workshops in Bologna, Sardinia and Sicily. 


Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara

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