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SYSTEMIC TOOLS, INTUITION AND MOVEMENT: from the individual to the community

The workshop is designed as an introspective journey and a joyful sharing, from the individual to the community. We will explore the dimensions we are going through when we become part of a group, whether it is a community, an informal group or a well-structured working project, as well as the energy we bring in relashionships. Through individual and group dynamics, movement and different systemic tools, we will experience the process of building a community without losing our “center”. We will focus on the experimentation of the systemic language, which uses space, images, sensations, thoughts and movements that allow groups, and individuals, to access areas of a deeper understanding.

by Giorgia Lattuca

Specialized in International Cooperation for Sustainable Development, she started working in several European Programs and later in India and South America, as a project manager and volunteer coordinator, implementing many social projects focused on children rights protection and gender equality. During the last work experience in Perú she worked with a local NGO designing and managing participatory training programs for rural communities focused on improving quality of life. In that experience she found out her passion about group processes and facilitaion. During the last 5 years she has collaborated with the association RIVE (Italian Network of Ecovillages), for 3 years as a council member, promoting national and international projects related to sustainability and informal education. She has also collaborated for 5 years with the GEN – Global Ecovilage Network – for the design of strategic partnerships, including the CLIPS (Community Lead Incubator Program for Sustainability), which offers consulting and training courses to support sustainable projects and initiatives. At the moment she facilitates and mentors several groups and collective initiatives in achieving their goals and she is also training youth to start up micro sustainable enterprises, in collaboration with the National Agency for Microfinance. She loves to explore dance in all its forms and she is passionate about oriental disciplines such as yoga, meditation systemic constellation and Thai massage. She loves nature and dedicates herself to the care of the family olive grove in Sicily.

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Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara