The Earth is related to the “Mother” archetype in most cultures and traditions all around the world… how about considering her as our Lover? Ecosex is an artistic
and political movement promoting a new attitude towards Nature, based on respect, generosity, care for each other and sensuality. In this experimental workshop we are going to share a collective and intimate space, where we can explore our personal boundaries and desires. We will get in touch with our sexual energy through body practices, tantric exercises and relationship games and will observe how this energy can be enhanced through contact with earth, water, wind, plants and bodies of other people in order to improve our erotical power. We are going to explore the dimension of listening, consent and sexual communication. We will dance, we will talk and we will play. The workshop will conclude itself with a simple ritual celebrating our belonging to the earthly Eden, to thank the forces of life which nurture us and to make a commitment to an ecological and passionate life.
Workshop: we are going to work on ecosex and consent issues, in a group
Individual sessions (one person, couples, other relationship structures, small groups): we are going to work togheter on personal desires and vulnerabilities, through exercises and other practice coming from tantra, sport, yoga, qi gong, theater training, dance. Every session is concluding with a massage, in order to reflect on sexuality and to get in touch with our personal energy to power it.

by Nita

Nita – Activist and Carny Queer
She is a Clown since she were born, she has honed the comic skills through personal failures and inopportune slips. She’s a graduated from Ecole des clown of Emmanuel Gallot-Lavallèe in Rome, she went deep with the studies about mime and comicality in schools and theaters in Italy and in Europe and then applied the knowledge acquired to the topics she is passionate about: Gender, sexuality, freedom. She developed a personal approach to Tantra, to BDSM and performativity getting inspiration from the feminist and fag, from scaimanic practices thought using irony as interpretation and choosing the game as a creative proposal. At the moment she creates workshops and performances that she presents mostly in the underground and avant-garde artistic world where she has the possibility to meet other courageous extreme explorers, which don’t fear the ridiculous, the taboos and the uncomfortable truths.


Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara