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Archetipi e Focusing Evolutivo, come armonizzare le quattro energie fondamentali dell’uomo

Tarot cards are not just a deck of cards, but the iconographic medium with which the teaching on the energetic structure of the universe and its pulsation has been handed down. Our life is subject to the same energies active in the cosmos. The tarot mandala helps us to reconnect to these energies through their archetypal representation and gives us a map with which to understand the way in our cosmic psychism. The tarot mandala is a compass for our evolution. We often fall into repetitive dynamics that make us feel engulfed and frustrated. These processes are there to support us in our evolution but without awareness they can block our growth path instead of moving us forward. Without consciousness, the same forces that can lift us up, can drag us into challenging days filled with lack of purpose, meaningless. “Focusing Evolutivo” is a work based on the analysis of the tarot mandala and its archetypes as described by Alejandro Jodorowsky. It helps us to understand where we are and what to do to take charge of our evolutionary path getting in touch with the joy of our true self.

by Alessandro Latrofa

Interested in ancient and new ways of transformation he began to follow Alejandro Jodorowsky after reading his book “the way of the tarot”. Since then the Tarot become Alessandro’s initiatory way.
In 2013 he attends a seminar of Psychomagic with Alejandro Jodorowsky in Milan and decided to deepen the work on himself through Zen and Vipassana meditation. Three years later, in 2016, he began the transformative path Metamundo with Cristobal Jodorowsky and enrolled a course about the Gestalt approach to Counseling with the Centro Studio Terapia della Gestalt in Milan. He still follows both the schools and the studies are ongoing.
In 2017 he creates the Psycho Tarot Evolutivo, he reads the Jodorowsky-Camoin tarot and offers a method of personal growth based entirely on the psychological-archetypal structure described by the Tarot.

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Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara