7 Chakras Festival 2020/7 Chakras Festival 2019 /Alchemical Concert 432hz / Voice Healing Therapy / Meditative Singing Workshop / Sound and Voice Bath Therapy at 432hz


Alchemical Concert 432hz / Voice Healing Therapy / Meditative Singing Workshop / Sound and Voice Bath Therapy at 432hz

“Alchemical Concert” at 432hz – “Meditative Singing Workshop” (50 minutes)
The Sonorization of the Breath, the singing of the Vocal, of the Mantra, of the Sung Assertions with the support of alchemical ancestral instruments such as the Tibetan Bells, the Tanpura, the Shamanic Drum and many others, create the multidimensional Journey of our soul. In a protected, safe and transformative space, where the invisible becomes perceptible, we absorb new nourishment and health for our cells and expand for our consciousness enriched by new subtle intuitions. It is a journey where every physical tension, resistance or emotional block is released naturally, thus freeing our deepest emotions and feelings, where every heart can ‘open up gently to enter the ecstasy of the “Meditative Song” which is our divine essence, rebalancing our whole being in a delicate, constant and lasting way the chakras, generating an HARMONIC AND VIBRATIONAL FIELD that resonates in the mind and body.

“Individual or group Voice Sound Therapy” at 432 hz (50 minutes)
It is a journey where every physical tension is released naturally, thus freeing our deepest emotions and feelings, allowing each heart, body and soul to open up gently … to health, peace and global psychophysical relaxation. The voice of Eleonora Velka-Sai has strong healing properties thanks to her celestial vibrations and the support of her ancestral instruments, her meditative singing generates this special vibrational bath / treatment that calms our mind and makes it positive, dissolving states of anxiety and fear, as well as energy blocks created by stress or difficulty. Beyond the session, her therapy reprograms cellular memory, restoring her health and dissolving emotional water and resistances like water. It revitalizes the internal organs, vivifies the endocrine glandular system, amplifies and optimizes the electromagnetic field of the subtle bodies, leading us to purification, regeneration and expansion for our consciousness, enriched by new subtle intuitions. With this therapy, slowly we are able to express all our maximum inner potential, our ancient wisdom that recreates a quality of listening and inner attention lost, deeply harmonizing all the states of our being.

“Sound and Voice Bath Therapy” at 432hz (50 minutes) Sound/voice massages stimulate health and wellbeing by raising our vital energy, promoting relaxation and banishing insomnia and anxiety. They improve concentration, synchronize the hemispheres of our brain, improve our breathing, combat stress, disperse blocked energy and clear out negative emotions. Our organisms vibrate like musical instruments. According to traditional oriental medicine, EVERY ILLNESS IS CAUSED by a LACK OF HARMONY in MIND AND/OR BODY. If our frequencies become distorted as a result of psycho-physical interference, our vital energy can become blocked. Because the human body is predominantly made of water, VIBRATION reaches into every part of our being. Velka-Sai’s healing voice and bells restore harmony and rebalance our chakras, generating a HARMONIC and VIBRATIONAL FIELD that resonates in mind and body.

by Velka-Sai

Velka-Sai (Eleonora Giudizi) was born in 1972 in the Etruscan town of Tarquinia, north
of Rome, in Italy. She grew up immersed in music, nature and poetry. In her youth, she studied the performing arts, dance and the circus arts, all of which she incorporated into her stage act. For many years, she sang her songs and performed pop/rock on stages up and down Italy. She also had a successful career as a singer/songwriter in Italy and internationally. At a certain point along the way, as a human being and an artist she realized that her path was another. Since then, her vocation has been to use the gift of her voice to touch and heal the souls of the people who hear her, through sound healing, song and the ancestral instruments she plays.


Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara