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The world in bicycle by Antonio Di Guida

in My day at the 7 Chakras Festival I will talk about travel, especially the bicycle trips around the world. The main theme will be volunteering in the world. Community contacts, permaculture projects, work to be done to stay and much more. I will also talk about bike trips, equipment to keep but also backpacker travel. In addition to the conference I will have with me 50 prints of photos taken during the trip to create a photographic exhibition and a film to be projected. I will also present my 3 books which mainly concern volunteering, work through the working holiday visa and the Persian culture through a trip by bike to the land of Iran.

It will be mainly a conference and a discussion about trips around the world and how to stay on the road, there will be no group activities or private sessions.

by Antonio Di Guida

Antonio di guida, born in Empoli 1991, traveler, writer and photographer. Graduated in Industrial Design. In 2013 he started a life as a nomad, moving to Africa. He lives between Kenya and Tanzania, creating volunteer experiences and living in villages scattered throughout the savannah. From this experience he wrote the first book entitled “Africa: journey of a muzungu in the savannah”. He lives two years in Australia through the working holiday visa. He works in construction, farms, and permaculture projects. Hence his second book entitled Australia: where dreams come to life. In 2016 he embarked on a long journey covering the Asian continent by any means. He ends his journey by riding a bicycle from the Arab states to Italy. His third book tells a part of this journey lived in Iran. From 2017 he started living in America, landed in California slowly rolling south looking for volunteer experiences approaching the Latin American indigenous culture. It is maintained thanks to the sales of his books and his photographs for sale on his website


Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara