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The Universe and I Walked into a Bar – Everyday spirituality

Presentation of Kai’s second book about spirituality – Taking spirituality down to the ground level, universal lessons applied in everyday life.
If you walked into a bar with the universe, what questions would you ask? What would it tell you? Based on years of experience in consciousness exploration through psychedelics and meditation, the book will be a humble discussion of various topics of applicable spirituality and fresh, humorous theories on life, existence, evolution, religion, and love.

by Kai Teo

Following the success of Rainbow Warrior Handbook – The Underground Guide to the Psychedelic Revolution, Kai is now back with a new book that promises even more laughs, enlightening ideas, and love. The founder of Buddha Mag is also an active contributor to the Ozorian Prophet and has also worked with VICE. His 2018 European book tour saw him giving lectures about no-bullshit spirituality at numerous festivals and he is now ready to present you with even more down-to-earth concepts of spirituality.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara