The irrefutable secret

Books have a familiar and benevolent aspect, but consider: a book is an equivocal commodity that procures easy; it’s as dangerous as a weapon, especially if you are not able to use it; it is a reactor of great power when it comes in contact with its natural counterpart, the mind. In short, books, when you least expect it, can turn your brain upside down. In a festival we dance, explore unusual possibilities, we make deep experiences. It is true that reading in the chaos is difficult. But we have seen people studying quantum physics under a wall of crates… We believe that a casual meeting with literature, in a context so intense and demanding, can be a spark that gives birth to a new idea. For this we offer a selection of texts that open the mind.

The lesson, articulated in readings, will be held in the Cultural Area of ​​the festival and will last about an hour.

– Each text lasts no more than 5 minutes and is introduced by a short one explanation (context, because it is read, etc.).
– Booklets of texts read to all the people passing by will be distributed.
– Consider the possibility of reading in English, if the proportion of people who do not understand Italian reveal themselves particularly high. In any case, all the booklets will also be available in the original language.

by Federico di Vita

Federico di Vita was born in Rome and lives in Florence. He collaborates with various national newspapers including Il Foglio, Esquire and L’Indiscreto, where he worked on psychedelia and psytrance festivals. He is the author of the essay-inquiry Pazzi wild (effequ 2011, then Tic, 2012) – Special Prize in the 2013 Fiesole Award; and the book “The trains do not explode. Stories from the Viareggio massacre “(Plan B, 2016).

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Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara