The case Wilhelm Reich

Wilhelm Reich is one of the most controversial figures in psychoanalysis; a name that has been covered in infamy and mockery, but has radically revolutionized the approach to psychotherapy and beyond. I will talk about his pioneering theories on character analysis, as they describe with acumen how and under which forms anguish can sink its roots in the body, limiting our vital strength. I will say how he was practicing, along with the analysis, corporal exercises to melt these armors down. Despite his works on psychiatry and psychoanalysis are now recognized, what Reich developed since the 30s around the energy that he called Orgone is generally declassified to a symptom of his presumed schizophrenia. His observations on this presence that unifies, pulsing, all biological systems, were discredited. However, CIA and FDA did anything possible to delete any possible trace of his studies, throwing into fire his books and any of his articles, and intimidating him and his colleagues, even after his death in prison. Moreover, it is important to mention his considerations, still current, on mass psychology of fascism, that he linked to sexual frustration, and his social critiques, that had a considerable impact on the hippie culture.

The story and the theories of the psychoanalyst will be presented in many perspectives, highlighting his conception of freedom and how he clashed against the dominant power, resisting until the end. It will be a frontal seminar, which will take at least 30-40 minutes, or an hour if possible in order to deal with the main themes that Reich carried on and to relish their modernity, both in psychological and social terms. Some passages taken from his books will be read, the power-point presentation is not necessary, but a short video of the therapeutic techniquel he discovered can be shown.

by Mattia Pagin

24, final year undergraduate in psychology and neuroscience at the University of Turin. I nourish interests of different genres, mostly linked to the counterculture of arts and sciences, from cinema to tarots, from yoga to religions, from physics to psychosomatics. I’m co-founder of a new born university association, by which I will organize conferences, workshops and cultural events in Turin, in order to sensitize students’ reality to non ordinary states of consciousness in spiritual and scientific research.


Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara

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