Mindfulness Symbol

My Seminary is based on the interaction of the symbols within the history of mankind, in the esoteric world and in psycology. Arcana tarots, Sacred Geometry and Icons can reveal various interpretations of the truth. As Symbols and Icons are more meaningful than words they can communicate to different people in different ways.The symbol, in Jung’s thought, is situated inside people ancestral’s consciousness of reality.

During this seminar we will start with an introduction to the vastity of symbol through an historical and psycological approach. We willl then focus on the understanding of some keyrole figure and symbols, like Greek myths or geometric patterns, analyzing the evolution during history and their various significance.

by Katia Ciocca

Following a degree in Iconogy and specialization in Musical Iconography of the 1600’s, she worked at the archives in Rome and Lucca where she carried out research in esoterism and occultism, in particulare the study of Taroh cards and Taroh symbolisms as an instrument of interior research.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara