Make your own Guardian

It’s going to be a laboratory where each person gonna create his own guardian (creature made by clay) with wherever shape. Inside each guardian, we gonna put a crystal (the one that vibrate better for us). When the clay is dry, we gonna paint our guardian with acrylic colours and with the style we prefer.
The Lab is going to be a group’s acitity oper for everyone. We are going to share how to work with the clay, how to color it and some stories about some Idols. Its going to be shared in 2 days. In the first day we are going to create our guardian with the clay and the second day we’re gonna paint our guardian.

by Sonia Arzaroli

My name is Sonia, since my teenager’s age im really interesting about art and spirituality. Right now im studying in Venice at “Accademia di Belle Arti” and im doing Decoratione. In 2016 i did a 3 month’s travel around Mexico and i felt in love with the coloures there. I really love make sharing’s art cause i think its a kind of way to make peole more unite. My dream is to make a place where all the people can go and do art with wherever medium and wherever experience. Creativity is inside each of us and i think is the most pure energy in the world.

Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara