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Bamboo from agriculture too architecture

We will talk about bamboo, about its properties and how to use it and we will practice building a bamboo structure.

Bamboo in highly widespread in all the Italian territory. It originated in tropical and sub.tropical areas and it found its way in Italy in 1884. Thanks to its flexibility, adaptability and endurance, bamboo is the perfect material in building, but it could be also consumed as food, and used as a power source and in tissue and yarn manufacturing. Bamboo has an extraordinary phytodepurative capacity as it absorbs carbon dioxide and atmospheric and soil pollutants. It also plays an important role in counteracting landslides and leaching of the ground thanks to its knitted root system. This plant can be a truly sustainable answer as a natural and sustainable alternative to deforestation. It is a woody vegetable that does not die mowing it, which is renewed much faster and provides a highly resistant, light, flexible and natural material.
Let’s discover together the botanical properties of the plant and learn how to use it in our daily life.

The first part of our meeting will be dedicated to a theoretical and illustrative talk about the plant, how it is cultivated and its uses with the support of posters and projection of illustrative slides (about half an hour).
In the second part of the seminar we will deal directly with the bamboo building a small structure with the equipment on place (an hour and a half).

by Maria Giulia Monti, Rodolfo Rascioni, Enrico Genellina

Poliedra started its work on 2015, fueled by the will to understand in depth and spread the concept of sustainability, especially in architecture, arts and culture, exploring new techniques and natural materials in a spirit of cooperation.
Combining different skills from our multidisciplinary team, Poliedra is able to create different projects that can be integrated in a holistic vision. Indeed, the main goal of this association is to connect humanity with its natural, social and cultural environment, rediscovering traditional life-styles connected to our own territory, to its resources and to enrich it with knowledge from all over the world.
Poliedra offers the tools and the knowledge necessary to achieve the self-sufficiency using local resources, spreading technical knowledge and teaching specific methods.
We firmly support self-building and a more sustainable, free and independent way to live by encouraging the re-appropriation of means, promoting creativity and a collaborative and community method of work.

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Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara