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Anxiety and depression, the herbal way

My lecture will talk about the epidemics of anxiety and depression. This lecture will be exploring medicinal plants on the experiential level, with tasting and trying the medicinal plants that we will learn about, and see how they affect our mental state and feelings. during this 40-50 minute journey we will get to know anxiety and depression from both the allopathic and herbalist approaches. By looking at the polarities and differences between these approaches we will try to understand the confusion, popularity and complexity of the information regarding these conditions. Together we will then go for a 40 min walk and learn about the local plants and herbs that we can use that are everywhere around us.

by Boaz Lehman

Bobo believes in the medicinal power of nature. He is a certified Integrative Clinical Herbalist and have practicing in natural therapeutics for the past 8 years. Bobo’s clinical approach takes people to re-discover their environment and the local plants so that they can use them to heal themselves. He runs workshops and courses on natural foraging, living in nature, and making natural products. As part of his work he produces medicine, remedies, and products from local medicinal plants that he forage according to seasons, location, and need. Throughout Bobo’s therapeutic journey he has explored plants from many geographic landscapes, different continents, and works with many chronic and acute conditions.


Written By: Giuseppe Ferrara

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